Virus Infection

Computer acting strange? Is it Slow? Are you having problems accessing the internet? Did you call a strange number that popped up on your screen now you have a Sam Hive password required to boot PC? You are most likely infected with a computer virus. Our expert technicians will perform a thorough virus removal of any spyware, trojans, or other bugs in your computer. These programs can steal your personal information such as: passwords, bank accounts, social security numbers, and contact information. Viruses are one of the most destructive threats in the computer world. Just like a real virus, a computer virus can attack a computer and copy itself destroying or encrypting your information in the process. Viruses are so destructive because of the damaging effects that it can bring to your computer and its files.


Phone Scam or Ransom Attack

How this scam works is a small script is inadvertently downloaded from the internet that locks up the PC’s web-browser. At that point in time the user is prompted to call a phone number, typically a loud voice starts shouting “you have a virus” or loud audible alarm tones are used as a scare tactic. After you contact the company in question, they proceeded to tell you they are from Microsoft and that you have a virus on your computer and it needs to be removed. They will proceed to tell you, after they clean the virus, they would load security software to stop any further attacks. Mind you all the while you’re talking to the people who created the virus. What they will do is encrypt your computer with what’s called a SAM HIVE Password and completely lock you out of your system. At that point they will ask for money or some other odd form of payment like iTunes gift cards. You will shortly realize your computer and all your information is being held for ransom. If you have fallen a victim to this fraud give us a call immediately we can get you back into your PC and restore it back to normal.

Our prices

Pricing details for our services

# Service Price Features
1 Dust cleaning and paste replacement $11 Praesent eu quam lacus. Aliquam magna tellus, ultrices aliquet tristique sed, dapibus et lacus. Aenean eu facilisis augue. Fusce sed nunc varius sem iaculis dictum a non nibh. In faucibus fringilla purus, vitae semper mi posuere dictum.
2 Standard computer diagnostics $15 Vestibulum tristique ligula in sodales cursus. Integer condimentum, nisl id molestie fringilla, diam magna maximus orci, quis lacinia tortor tellus eu leo.
3 Virus scan and antivirus installation $25 Quisque interdum tellus magna, in imperdiet ante fringilla auctor. Nam sapien ipsum, molestie ac scelerisque vel, mollis ac mi. Duis efficitur justo a arcu ultricies, sed fringilla odio gravida.
4 Data recovery $45 Proin efficitur sodales porttitor. Nullam commodo felis et magna bibendum tempor. Donec finibus odio ut vulputate tempor. Interdum et malesuada fames ac ante ipsum primis in faucibus. Etiam aliquam mi tortor, sit amet feugiat lacus dictum elementum.

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